About the Artist

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer living in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.  I have enjoyed, studied, and pulled creative inspiration from video games my entire life, and even worked in the gaming industry as a designer and educator.

It was while making digital games that I realized the full value of analog production. It cannot be instantly copied, or deleted, or pirated. It doesn't require minimum hardware specs and it never becomes obsolete.  I refocused my energy on art that can be worn, played with, hung on the wall, and stuck to a guitar case.  My artistic goals are simply to entice a chuckle or two and share my passion for games, food, laughter, drinks, and being weird.

The name One Man Surf Party originally referred to my favorite past-time. I've never been surfing, and I've lived my life in the Midwest, but that doesn't stop me from spinning a Dick Dale record, mixing up a Mai Tai, and firing up the grill.  Surf music (and a healthy dose of punk rock) dominate my creative time, which turned my drawing ritual into a whole new One Man Surf Party. The phrase kept popping into my head, and became a silly mantra to invigorate creative independence. I now realize that a One Man Surf Party can occur any time a person has fun their own way, and I think that's pretty cool.

I make and sell my art under the One Man Surf Party name to remind people to have fun and be yourself. And maybe have a drink with an umbrella in it.




Aaron Bauer
One Man Surf Party


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